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FYI I'm on a roll today with the blog posts, as you can see I'm hella behind on updating so just soak it all in... because you know I'm good for disappearing (but I'm doing better in 2017).  

I'm happy to share a new collab I have for Black History Month with TYPICAL Magazine. I've been drooling over TYPICAL for awhile. One of my fav LA photographers Emari Traffie put me on during a shoot and I fell in love. TYPICAL was birthed to embrace your typical self – slow down and appreciate what's taken for granted. A realization that regular people believe their most basic self is inevitable connected with their greatest self – we're not here to do something that hasn't been done before, we're here to reintroduce it. FYI the whole description is on their site (its bomb)

The creators of the mag  – Jessi and Ray (who are equally dope AF) reached out to do a collab related to black history and music. Come to find out we all admire each others aesthetic, love for the south, and Zaxbys. These are my people.

When you talk about Black History you can miss the musical component it. Not to be braggy but we ARE culture. Most music that you hear was brought on by the roots of black people. With that being said for black history month we're doing a 5-part series of designs based on songs of empowerment, love, and resistance. For the first we have 'Mississippi Goddam' by Nina Simone. 

This song is a fav for me. Creatively it has so many feelings, from the happy bounce of the instruments to some of the painful lyrics about what was happening in the south at that time. I wanted to create something that feels happy, but with earthly undertones. Even though this wasn't a happy time you can tell through Nina's sound that she used her music as healing to help the people. The bars represent both piano keys and the sign of equality – something my people died for in the south. Listen to the track and let me know what you think. Also, make sure you visit TYPICAL for the whole write up.

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grab them by the p*$$y

Unless you've been under a big ass rock you've heard about the recording where Donnie aka the cheeto says that he could "grab them by the pussy" and by them I mean women. That quote is something that stopped me in my tracks. One day a good friend of mine Darwin Serink, who happens to be a super dope award-winning writer, director, and editor ran across the full quote and asked if I ever read it. After reading it I was honestly stunned. While the pussy quote is very jarring the whole thing is like whoa, ARE YOU REALLY OUR PRESIDENT?! I could jump down the rabbit hole of Trump BS but I'll save that for the Facebook politicians. 

After reading it Darwin had the idea to capture women of different backgrounds reciting the lines from the quote as a way to take back the power.

In the words of Darwin "These are the words that were formulated from the most powerful person on the planet. Words can heal. Words can harm... In this case; words have been used to belittle, objectify and degrade women. Putting these words in the mouths of women allows them to gain the power. To take back the evil. To own these words and make the world shine."

I'm so happy I could participate in this! I'm constantly figuring out how to contribute to all this political mess. To be honest I don't have time to obsess over CNN and Trump everyday. Yes, I'll always be aware of what's happening but I rather fight bullshit with creativity and red wine. How are you guys handling this presidency so far? Share the vid with your cousins. 

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Stay Woke Pin on sale now!

My second pin is finally here! It feels like forever since I've been staring at the design since December. For some reason this one felt a lot harder than the first one. Even after submitting the design to the manufacturer I second guessed myself a lot. Soon as I received them all my anxiety went away, I'm pretty sure I ran around in a circle saying "ooh this shit is lit"

I'm learning a lesson this week in believing in my brand, staying woke to who I am and what I'm capable of. A friend told me a few weeks ago "you can't see you because you're you". That's so true! I'm my hardest critic. A lot of the times I'm moving so fast I don't realize any accomplishments, I'm just trying to get shit done. But now I'm trying to give myself a break and realize I'm doing some cool shit and take time to acknowledge it. Its weird when I get texts from people saying they're proud of me... I'm like why? I haven't done anything yet. Again, since I'm me, I don't see me. 

Anyway.... this post wasn't even suppose to be about me, its more about the pin lol. I'm just happy to put it out into the world. The phrase "Stay Woke" has been popular for awhile (shoutout to black culture) and its something I've been using in my day to day conversations for awhile now. That mixed with my love of using the eye ball emojis really brought this to life. If you ever text me you know I'm good for a  👁  or  👀 . And on a more serious note I think the pin perfect for the current climate of our country (with that dumb orange Cheeto man).

I'm focusing on taking my brand seriously and really creating the content I want to see. So for this I wanted to shoot photos that really have a So Laci Like vibe. While this is the year for collaboration there's some shit you just have to do yourself. Which is fine for me because I've been REALLY wanting to sharpen my photography skills. I went a little overboard and shot hundreds of photos so these are just the beginning. I plan to edit them and put together some type of look book. In the meantime enjoy the pin and buy one for yourself and your cousins. Also, special shoutout to Leticia and Natalia for letting me practice shooting with them = ) real friends. 

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Black History Month 2017

For the past two years I've challenged myself to do a design based black history project. The first year I illustrated a black history fact each day and last year I created collages around an important person or event in black history. This month is already flying by so I'm starting to think about what this years project should be. Here's a few ideas, let me know what you think is best.

Option #1

Create an illustration a day that represents something or someone thats been iconic to black history. This can range from MLK to Migos. I think this one would be the most difficult but maybe the most rewarding. I love illustrating and its something I'm mad I haven't had enough time to do lately. Honestly I'm still working on the whole time management thing. I'm always working, but I need to squeeze in more time to just create to create. One of my goals for the break was to practice more so I can develop a style and due to me running around the city of Huntsville that didn't happen. 




I love the idea of doodling or adding graphics on top of photos. For some reason its something I'm really drawn to. I'm going to charge it to my love for mix media; putting two worlds together that don't necessarily seem like they mix but it works. For this option I would take a photo and either create a doodle around it or layer different graphics that changes the tone and brings the photos to life (ex. to the bottom left). 

artist: hattie stewart
somewhere on tumblr

somewhere on tumblr


Last but not least. Option #3 is more of a typography challenge because that's an area of design I need to grow more in. Each day I would take a quote and create a type based graphic around it. This is one I know I would want to do a lot of research on. Its been on my to-do list to head to the LA Public Library so I can research old typography and graphic styles. 

ARTIST: kambiz shafei

ARTIST: kambiz shafei

To be honest I have no idea which direction I want to go in (hence the blog post). Each option has pros and cons, and certain elements that will make them difficult. In general its hard to be consistent on these so just make sure to pray for me. Which idea do you like the best? Leave a comment, hit me up on social media, send a smoke signal... just give me some answers.




I'm a sucker for a well-executed campaign. As I'm growing in my creative career I'm realizing that concepting/designing campaigns for brands I believe in is definitely on the top of my list as something I want to do. One of the brands on my top five is Nike. For as long as I can remember I've always been intrigued by Nike campaigns – from the photography, to the messaging and creative direction they usually nail it.  Nothing is different about their new campaign beautifully titled – THE FORCE IS FEMALE.

The Force is Female campaign focuses on strong women who are paving their own way, shaping culture, creating the future, and inspiring their communities. The campaign is dedicated to all females who live outside of the box and challenge us to push boundaries. Basically its for women who are getting shit done and not letting shit hold them back – my type of people.

Photo cred: @evemeetswest also photographed @dianakmir

Photo cred: @evemeetswest also photographed @dianakmir


This past Saturday Nike Los Angeles held the campaign launch party at The Springs LA. Soon as I walked in I knew it was the type of vibe that I want to be associated with on an ongoing basis. *Sidenote: I want to know where all these streetwear babes are every other day, especially the women of color because y'all were lit. 

The brunch started with a panel of boss babes in streetwear culture: Janáe RoubleauJami OrdizAlexis QuinteroZoleeCatalina Paz,  Alyssa Forever, and Ro.Lexx. Speaking of Ro.Lexx she's a dope photographer who shot the lookbook and assets for the campaign. The panel discussion reminded me of conversations that I have with friends on a daily basis. We're constantly talking about how women are depicted in streetwear and how its okay to have masculinity in your wardrobe. A lot of sites and social media platforms always depict women in streetwear in being half naked in sneakers which isn't real life – like who's really wearing that shit? I remember being young and always hearing things like "you dress like a boy" or "are you gay because you're a tomboy" (that's people in the south for you) but those comments made me self-conscious about just being me. It made me think that femininity means a dress and heels but now that I'm older (and wiser) I know that's not the case and how to properly voice my personal style. 

One of my key words for 2017 and life in general is authenticity, I really think that's a major key for success. The ladies spoke a lot about being authentic to your voice and essentially if you build it they will come, which is a favorite phrase of mine. Most of the time it takes awhile but once you learn that everything about you is what makes you, YOU (and magical) you can be unstoppable. Which is what the force is, its unstoppable.

I'm unstoppable.

That's what I took away when leaving the event. Personally it lit a fire under my ass to create more content geared towards streetwear because its something I grew up in. Also when I look at the landscape of influencers there are only a few women of color and barely any artists. I gotta change that this year. 

From the production of the event down to the curated goodie bags it was very thought out and oozed inspiration and creativity within women. I can't wait to see how this campaign flourishes and more importantly figure out how I'm working with Nike lol, but I'm serious. On that note I'm going to leave you with the campaigns manifesto 

We are a new generation.
A generation born with an realness.
A braveness.
A force.
A bond that ties us together.
But never holds us down.
It’s an undeniable boundary that defies definition.
A reminder that we are never finished.
Yet always complete.
From the courts to the streets,
We were put here to disrupt.
Made legends because we will not exist within the lines.
We prove that vulnerability is not the same as weakness.
Flawed not the same as imperfect.
It’s a power in our every step. A refusal to stop.
It’s that rule-breaking, decision-making, name taking, don’t give a damn in all of us.
It’s never one thing. It’s everything.
It’s who we are. As one. As all.
It’s the force.

Shoes: Pinnacle Air Max 90 Red Stardust

Dress: Daya by Zendaya (she has some dope stuff)

– Dawn the don $