ya girl.

My name is Laci (obviously).  I'm a graphic designer and Alabama native but I'm currently living in Los Angeles.  I moved to LA on a hope and a prayer a few years ago and I've called it home every since.  I'm always creating,  listening to music, and trying to figure out ways to stop working for "the man".  


So Laci Like is an uncensored creative space where I can do whatever I want. From documenting my adventures, to sharing design inspiration, or vent about about working a 9 to 5. There are a few reasons why I created this blog. Number 1, I really wanted  a creative outlet, no strings attached.  Somewhere that I can create anything I want; inspire and be inspired. 

Number 2, after moving to LA I realized the lack of African American's in the design industry, especially when I look at design blogs. I feel like its my responsibility to help fill that void, I mean.. why not? Number 3, I feel like I'm so out of touch with the creative community, so a design/lifestyle blog is a perfect start. Feel free to contact me just to say hey or for design inquires.