I've done this a hundred times...start a blog, hate the design, and just ignore it. It took trial and error but I finally realized I wouldn't be satisfied until I designed something that's really true to me and not what's trendy in the blogger world. So here you go! The "new and improved" So Laci Like. I really needed an outlet where I can explore all elements of design without any constraints, write about whatever I want to, and share my experiences.

I always design each blog site but in the past I only spent a little bit of time figuring out what I want it to look like. This time I took my precious time (seriously it took so long) and I really love the outcome. I have a bad habit at looking at other design blogs and trying to follow the standard instead of trusting my gut. The 100th time is the charm, lets see what happens. I just keep reminding myself it doesn't have to be perfect but I have to get it out there. Enjoy!


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