Make things you like


I was looking at my instagram yesterday and thought "my aestetic is finally coming together"... but something is missing. The first thing you see on my IG bio is "designer" but if you were to look at my page you don't see a lot of my work. My second thought was "where my work at?" (and yes I said it just like that). I have an issue with procrastinating, most of the time its when I'm scared to do something. I'm realizing that this issue keeps me from creating.  When I procrastinate projects take forever, dont get me wrong, I always meet my deadlines but most of the time I could have projects completed wayyyyy before the deadline.. opening up time to work on personal projects without the lingering thought of a client project I need to finish. That was my first revelation, the second is that regardless of my workload I should at least design one thing a day thats just for kicks with no rules. 

I have a thing for flower photos, I have no idea why but I love them. One of my fav bloggers/creators Corina has a Pinterest board full of florals. I ran across it last night and had to do something using flowers. I didn't have anything in particular in mind but I just wanted to create something that visually makes me happy.  If you haven't noticed I have a thing for colors so I decided to play around with colors using black backgrounds. Its something about them that makes the flowers look mysterious. If you're a creative make sure you take time out to create things that make you happy... it doesn't have to make sense or be for a specific project. Just do it just because you can. Happy Tuesday!