Welcome to my stay woke column, the purpose is to you quick information on things I deem important. For starters, I'm challenging myself to complete an illustration a day around the topic of Black History (celebrating Black History Month of course). I'm not giving myself any rules in regards of how they will look but I do HAVE to complete one for each day (if I don't post one, I'll post two the next day). You know when you were in Elementary/Middle school and were forced to do those Black History projects or presentations? This is my grown up version of that project. 

For my first fact I wanted to do something around Madame C.J. Walker. As of Monday I transitioned to natural, you can see a pic here, and I've been semi obsessed with hair care and looking at potential products. Not only was Madame C.J. a hair care tycoon but she able to support her community as an huge political activist and supporter of historically black colleges. I think the best thing about this project will be learning things I've either forgotten or didn't know in the process. 

Here are a few sites to read more about Madame C.J. 

Site 1

Site 2

Site 3

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