One of my goals for the year (and pretty much for forever) is to meet and collaborate with other creatives within design and different industries. I'm realizing how important it is to build a community of people with similar interests. Even with the blogging world I'm already developing relationships with different bloggers, its amazing how small (and big) the internet actually is.  A couple of weeks ago a mutual friend introduced Olivia and I to each other via text and let me know  she was in LA visiting.   We decided to grab lunch and explore Melrose. Let me tell you, Olivia is definitely one to watch out for.   Immediately I picked up her strong style perspective and willingness to live life on the edge. She's very direct in her vision and I can bet money she'll make her dreams happen. On 2/12/15 Olivia released her first collection, check out more on her site http://www.oliviaanthony.com and for the official write up read below. 

Olivia Anthony S/S'15


Olivia Anthony releases her first womenswear collection this [2/12/15]. Known for her signature bullseye logo sports line, L.I.V., Alabama native, Olivia is quickly proving she’s a Jane of all trades. If you hadn’t already heard the buzz, rest assured, you’re going to know who Olivia Anthony is now. Full of bright colors, unique textures, and bold silhouettes, Olivia’s womenswear line is every stylists' dream. The one of a kind pieces give a woman the opportunity to be edgy and make a fashion statement without shopping away her life savings. 

Always having admired a lot of designers like [Chanel,Alexander McQueen,Junya Watanabe,viktor and rolf,] Olivia wanted to set industry standards of that caliber for the NY market but at a more affordable price. She teamed up with one of her Good friends and head designer of Olivia Anthony, Anthony McDowell to bring her ideas to life.

Being both a creative director and stylist herself, Olivia wanted to create pieces that didn't just equivocate to a "look" but "art". She wanted to create editorial pieces for stylists to run wild with and really create stories, something you could look back at years from now and still appreciate. This collection is not for the faint of heart but the daring trend setters whose approval of others is neither desired nor required. 

Olivia describes the line as, "Harojuku girl mixed with a bit of babydoll sweetness. I see girls like Fka Twigs and Rihanna embracing this brand. My brand is not going to be understood by all and that's okay. Maybe you don't get it now...but you will." 


**The one of a kind pieces are currently only available for editorial usage.

Photographer: Ruby Maxwell
Asst Photographer: Taylor Terry

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