Vanity Fair Social Club 2015: Kick Off

A few weeks ago a friend of mine told me about the Vanity Fair Social Club. The VFSC is a week long, invite only social suite for bloggers and influencers, held at the creative co-working space, WeWork Hollywood.  The workspace is open most of the day and invited guest can work, attend the sponsored events, and experience Vanity Fair's Campaign Hollywood all in the same space.  My friend thought it might be something I would blog about, and she was right. I sent in the short application thinking I probably wouldn't get a invite since I'm technically not a fashion blogger (or youtube influencer), but I did so BOOM I was in there. Yesterday kicked off the first day! 


The space is super cute, it was a great mix of loft style interiors mixed with small feminine touches, definitely something you would see in Vanity Fair.  One of the sponsors for the event is Grey Goose so the space included a bar full of vodka and juices. There was also a beer dispenser, and mini coffee stand. Food was somewhere in the picture but I forgot what it was. There were a few mini goodies like the product vending machine. After choosing a product and sending a tweet shouting out the product, the machine will dispense the product you chose. I went for the Grey Goose Moscow Mug.

Today's activities included a YouTube All-Stars Panel with @TylerOakley@JoeyGraceffa, and @iJustine, moderated by @KristaSmith and the  Campaign Hollywood 2015 Kickoff Happy Hour with @GreyGoose. The panel was hilarious, they definitely seemed genuine and shared a lot of helpful information regarding social media and how to make what you love your job. One of the quotables were when  @TylerOakley responded to a question about haters "People hate Beyonce. So basically I'm saying there are people with bad taste" I have to agree with him, you can read more about the panel here.

I'm glad I attended, I've been trying to get out and be more social. Its so easy for me to blame traffic and parking and just stay in the house. I have to work so I won't be at another event until later in the week. I'll keep you posted. 


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