Want List: 1

I love curating mood boards and visual list, a popular column that I see in the blogging  world is the "want list" column where people display their favorite curated items.  I couldn't help but to make one, I really do like making list.  I really had the urge to go shopping lately and when I finally decided to go I couldn't find anything! That really never happens to me but I guess it was for the best. I'm thinking I caught most stores in between the season switch out. Even though I couldn't find anything I needed/wanted to buy, there are a few items I have on my wish list.  My style is always changing but one thing that won't change is my love for tennis shoes and being comfortable, I'm constantly trying to find ways to make sneakers look effortless and chic. This list is all about comfort with the little edge.  Click on the number to visit the product link.