Queen of the New Cool

A few weeks back I was approached by Nina Allen to contribute to the Queen of the New Cool series. QUEENOFTHENEWCOOL (QOTNC) is a blog/mixed media project highlighting women in music and examining topics of identity, design, politics, fashion + visual perspectives. This blog is a brand/movement to act as a source of empowerment, evolution in culture, and collectively a platform to enlighten conversation. 

/kwēn/əv/T͟Hē/n(y)o͞o/ko͞ol/🔊 noun
1. A female ruler in power of her creative genius. One who exudes knowledge, and artistic talents in society.
2. Rising above societal stereotypes within gender discrimination, and creating a drive of focus to transcend materialized theories. #QOTNC

Check out my interview and more here.

Graphic created by @ninaallen

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