For some reason I've been into reading my horoscope lately. I'm a Taurus and one of the main critiques of a taurus is that we hate change.  I always thought I avoided that characteristic until recently.  Going into 2015 I started off as a freelancer. Even though the thought of not knowing where checks would come from scared the hell out of me,  I was hoping the risk would pay off.  About a week after I returned from Bama for the holidays I was offered a freelance job with Disney ABC Television Group. This was the perfect opportunity, since I was only required to be in office three days a week.  It gave me flexibility to do other freelance jobs (and actually get out and see L.A.) and also made me feel connected to the corporate world the days I needed to be in-house.  After getting over the "new job hump" I was very comfortable and loving my new schedule, I was pretty convinced I didn't want to go back into a full time role, at least not anytime soon.  Throughout the time at ABC I was offered a couple of full time jobs but nothing that really made me want to quit the current gig.  Long story short a random job opportunity presented itself with a company I've been curious about and after interviewing a couple of times I got the gig. 

Now, I know thats good news but the new job comes with so many things; a different schedule and a commute.  Honestly when I went into the interview I thought "I probably won't get this but its good practice" especially since I wasn't necessarily looking, so now everything is changing at a rapid speed.  After accepting the job offer I needed to worry about a two week notice (and the company needs me asap), commuting, and a ton of other random things that were not even on my radar before.  My boyfriend brought it to my attention that I was super comfortable in my old job (and not even really doing work I wanted to) and that all this change sounds scary. He was right.  After weighing out the pro's and con's I had no reason to be stressed out over getting a better opportunity.

After getting all of my housekeeping stuff out of the way (I overthought the two week notice), I was ready to enjoy a festive Easter weekend my boyfriend (guy in the hat) was in town so I actually went out and enjoyed the city for a few days.  The weekend was exactly what I needed to stop being so scary about change and realize that everything happens for a reason.  My scariest decisions have been the best so far, so I'm thinking this will be no different.  Above are all photos from my random weekend adventures. I start the new gig this week so once I'm over the "new job hump" I'll let y'all know how its going. 

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