To me, social media is such a gift/curse.  Everything is so transparent and more than likely you’re aware of any accomplishment that someone you follow has made in his or her life.   I follow a ton of entrepreneurs and fellow designers and recently I’ve found myself comparing myself to accomplishments I see others making in my field… I’m always like “Dang how did she get to work with them” or “Shit, there’s another opportunity I would’ve loved to have”.  I found myself obsessing the other day and thankfully some common sense crept in and said “Laci, shut up you’re doing great”…seriously, it was like a little angel on my shoulder.  Recently in church I heard the phrase “Its not about the destination its about the journey” I followed it up with a deep because I knew that was for me… I realized how I’ve been blessed with some of the best opportunities in the world, and while I’m always trying to take myself to the next level, I also need to realized that everything will happen on my journey exactly how its supposed to.  I’m making an effort to not overly obsess over the destination (and the Instagram accomplishments).  My journey is good and it’ll only get better, so if you’re like me and obsessing over BS… don’t.