Impossible, until it's done

I'm a huge dreamer, when people ask me what my dream job is I really can't give them an answer because I have so many scenarios of what that dream could look like.  But lately I've been feeling a little "when will it be my time". When I look at my life right now everything I've done thus far seemed impossible at first.... honestly I never saw myself in the position I'm in now.... Moving to California with no money and no west coast support, landing a job with Imagineering/ABC and now being at one of the best agencies in the world...If you would've told me this in 2012 I would've laughed. Now I'm wondering what's next, will all the crazy dreams I have be fulfilled... like will I really ever have a gallery show in Paris (one of many Laci dreams). I honestly think that everything I dream about will come true and by writing this post and putting it out into the world I'm setting it all in stone. If I've already done things that seemed impossible, I can only go up from here right? What are you dreamers dreaming about?