On most Sundays I have the same schedule...wake up early, still somehow end up late to church (but I make it though), brunch, and some type of "Sunday Funday" activity.  Last Sunday was no, brunch at Toast, and visit to LACMA. SN: Toast is so good and we saw Metta World Peace which was super random.  Last week Kanye released a 9  minute short film for his songs "All Day" and " I Feel like that"  directed by Steve McQueen. The pop up installation was scheduled to be in LACMA for only four days so I definitely had to check it out. 

The film was amazing, the first part was Yeezy rapping All Day and led into the second song which was definitely more chill and reminded me a lot of spoken word, you can tell he has a lot of emotion attached to it. Now he was fake because they wouldn't allow photography to video. There were a ton of people doing it anyway but they had top flight security kicking people out. There's one on my Instagram, here. 

Other than the film there were a ton of dope things to look at. I'm always blown away when visiting museums in LA because I actually can see some of the things I learned about in school (especially the Picasso's). I'm really trying to become more connected with the "LA art scene" even though I design for a living I feel so distant from it sometimes, so I guess its time to find my community of art people.  Until next time!


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