Upgrade ya

Just in case you missed the flashy cover image, I'm currently changing my blog layout. When I created the blog I really tried not to use the usual two column layout mainly because almost every blog uses it. But one lesson I'm learning everyday is that if it ain't  broke (yes, ain't) don't fix it – the rebel in me wants to do everything different, but sometimes it isn't necessary.  One thing that I recognized is that with the two column layout people see a lot of your content immediately, compared to my old layout where there was huge imagery but it required you to click to see the post.  Lets admit it, people are lazy and want to see everything quickly and directly. So I caved in, now I have the two column layout and I already see a change in my page views.  Along with the blog updates I'm going full speed ahead on a lot of personal projects and things that I want to post on the blog. I can be a huge procrastiworker (shoutout to Jessica Hische for the term) mainly because I have so many things that I want to do that eventually I become overwhelmed and decide to watch ratchet reality TV and eat cupcakes instead. I just started a new thing where I keep a list of everything I need to work on and just attack it head on, if I reach a dead end or become frustrated I just move on to the next thing and start fresh later... I mean.. what's the point of dwelling on something that I don't have the answer to? Usually taking a break and going back to it later on always helps. I'm really excited about where I want to go with the blog and I'll be post more very very soon. Until next time.


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