Orange is the new black


Soon as it hits the low 60's in LA I'm wearing a coat. It may not be THAT cold but its just enough to pull it out, I also use the excuse that the office is extremely cold! I love colorful coats, and they are clutch as major staple pieces, I mean with an orange coat you don't really have to do anything else. I bought this coat from Forever 21 a few years ago, and honestly I'm surprised I still have it but its held up very well.. plus I don't wear a bright orange coat everyday. 

I've worn sneakers and had this "tomboy" style most of my life but for the longest it felt too manly at times and I couldn't find the right balance of items. I realized a trick to pulling off a successful "street style" outfit without feeling too masculine is balance! Before I realized this I would wear something like leather joggers, Jordans, and a blousy/baggy shirt. While thats very comfortable there's no real softness to it. For me the trick is picking out items that compliment each other and always balance the baggy/fitted items. For instance, if I plan to wear a baggy or loose shirt, whatever I have on at the bottom should be more fitted and complimentary to my frame. Another trick (if you have on a loose top, or want to go with the all baggy look) is to have a piece of outwear that sort of structures your frame. 

I've become a fan of Adidas the last few years and invested in a pair of ZX FLUX its becoming one of my favorite pairs shoes because its very slim, the color wave matches a ton of things, and they're so comfortable! If it isn't obvious, I'm really into gold chains. I found the one above from H&M which is the perfect mix of simple with a little edge. 

On a complete side note I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday! Mine was crazy and ended in me seeing Solange, my creative idol Melina Matsoukas, Beyonce, JayZ, and Kelly Roland... all in a small establishment in Silverlake. Situations like that make me ask the question "wait how did I even get here" for some reason that moment left me super inspired... its something about moving yourself out of the south, maintaining a career in LA, and dancing the night away with Beyonce that makes life totally worth it. I also told Melina that I'm going to work with her one day... and I aint (yes aint) playin. Oh! and I made the executive decision to go back to relaxed hair, so this is probably my last post with natural hair (unless I have more archives) Happy Monday!