Saint Heron Store
photos courtesy of   Saint Heron

photos courtesy of Saint Heron

If I had to pick a spirit animal Solange would be it, I absolutely love her! I plan to have a Solange appreciation day on the blog soon but for now let me just stan out on how creative this woman is.  If you aren't familIar Solange has a brand called Saint Heron, which is an extension of Saint Records and a collaborative place for diverse music and art content. 

During SWSW the Saint Heron team in partnership with BigCommerce launched an online shop.  Staying true to the brand the shop promotes diverse artists that are contributing to the culture.  When Refinery 29 asked Solange what makes this ECommerce platform different she answered "The intent of our shop is to celebrate innovation and diversity through designers of color — I don’t think that’s something that everyone has focuses on. I think everybody is kind of waking up and realizing that we have to do a better job of diversifying our industries and to do that in the right way. I’m just really glad Saint Heron is a part of the conversation."

Right now Saint Heron IS the conversation, Solange recognized the need for a space for black women and decided to do something about it.

The site showcases a variety of different items and designers ranging from clothing to pottery. I've had my eye on Kenesha Sneed's ceramic pottery for awhile now, I guess its time to purchase before she's too big for me to afford it LOL! I just love Solange and team for creating this space, it not only highlights diverse talent but also gives a way for the artist to reach a bigger demographic while also making an income. Check out the shop here, and make sure to spend some coins.  Soon as payday comes, Im there. 

– Kenesha Sneeds Pottery