So Laci Like x Typical Mag

FYI I'm on a roll today with the blog posts, as you can see I'm hella behind on updating so just soak it all in... because you know I'm good for disappearing (but I'm doing better in 2017).  

I'm happy to share a new collab I have for Black History Month with TYPICAL Magazine. I've been drooling over TYPICAL for awhile. One of my fav LA photographers Emari Traffie put me on during a shoot and I fell in love. TYPICAL was birthed to embrace your typical self – slow down and appreciate what's taken for granted. A realization that regular people believe their most basic self is inevitable connected with their greatest self – we're not here to do something that hasn't been done before, we're here to reintroduce it. FYI the whole description is on their site (its bomb)

The creators of the mag  – Jessi and Ray (who are equally dope AF) reached out to do a collab related to black history and music. Come to find out we all admire each others aesthetic, love for the south, and Zaxbys. These are my people.

When you talk about Black History you can miss the musical component it. Not to be braggy but we ARE culture. Most music that you hear was brought on by the roots of black people. With that being said for black history month we're doing a 5-part series of designs based on songs of empowerment, love, and resistance. For the first we have 'Mississippi Goddam' by Nina Simone. 

This song is a fav for me. Creatively it has so many feelings, from the happy bounce of the instruments to some of the painful lyrics about what was happening in the south at that time. I wanted to create something that feels happy, but with earthly undertones. Even though this wasn't a happy time you can tell through Nina's sound that she used her music as healing to help the people. The bars represent both piano keys and the sign of equality – something my people died for in the south. Listen to the track and let me know what you think. Also, make sure you visit TYPICAL for the whole write up.

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