Androgynous Style

Its finally starting to be consistently chilly in Los Angeles. I went to Alabama last weekend and was surprised it was hotter there compared to here.  Since the temps are dropping I'm finally able to layer up.  I mentioned in one of my last style post that I've started developing a new wardrobe including buying more expensive staple pieces and trying different types of sneakers. I've always loved streetwear... and right now I'm into making my street style more androgynous.... making sure I mix more femininity into what I have on.  Alexandra Douby does a great job of that. One of the easiest ways to do this in the fall/winter is pairing a nice trenchcoat with a cool pair of sleek sneakers. I say sleek because I'm a huge fan of Jordans, but depending on the type they can look very bulky on your feet compared to a pair of Vans or Adidas. I'm also starting to including more color, patterns, and textures into my wardrobe, asking the ongoing question "what would Solange do?".  Now thats its fall (well some places) what styles are you into? I pretty much want everything in all the inspiration pics.

Ps: all photos are linked to source