Stay Woke: Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, & Channing Dungey


Happy end of the week! This has been longest week ever even though its been a short week and I've been so busy that I haven't had time to update the blog with the collages. If you don't see the updates here just check IG, I'll always post them there first. 

Day #17 Muhammad Ali one of the greatest boxers of all time. For more information on Ali click here.


Another one thats highly considered to be the best to ever do it. I'm the youngest and the only girl in my household, it was only right that my introduction to Jordan and the Jordan brand started at a young age. I have a dream to design a Jordan shoe one day and I plan to make that a reality. Day #18 goes to the GOAT Michael Jordan, aka my cousin (not really but it sounds good). For more info on MJ click here


This has been the best Black History month ever! I actually think this 2016 Black History month should be something in the history books.  Day #18 goes to Channing Dungey, as of yesterday she became the new President of ABC Entertainment, making her the first African American to lead a major network. WERK GIRL WERK! For more information on Channing click here or  here