Stay Woke: Hattie McDaniel, Michelle Obama, & Tristan Walker


Welp folks, its a wrap! I've completed my Black History series for 2016. Here are my last few collages.. For Day #28 I went with The first African American to win an Academy Award, Hattie McDaniel. For Day #29 our FLOTUS, Michelle Obama, do I really need to say more? At this point you're probably like, okay girl there are only 29 days in February, I didn't start the history project on the first so I decided to throw another in the mix. For day #1 and/or #30 I went with Tristan Walker. Founder of Walker & Company which houses the product Bevel – The first shaving system created directly for minority haircare.  

Finishing the project is bittersweet. Somedays I stressed myself out trying to make sure I completed my collage so the freedom of not having a daily obligation is good but I really enjoyed making something new everyday. To some extent I want to keep the collages going, maybe not everyday but often.  I love the ability to easily experiment between colors, textures, and images and Im not ready to let that go yet. I've already started to do some for International Women's Month that you can check out here. Now that my series is done I plan to start pushing out new content so stay tuned!

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