Lyric Illustrations: 1

I do this weird thing where I hear lyrics and immediately come up with what that visual would be. I have a ton of ideas of how to illustrate music lyrics but I wanted to start off with super simple colorful flat illustrations. Most nights I just listen to music and design whatever sparks my attention, I have a ton of these so I’ll post them here and there.  I’m still trying to figure out what to call them… I thought about “rap stration” like, rap + illustration but for some reason that sounds like a disease or some weird form of bondage so I’m back to square one. I'm open to suggestions or if someone has a fun lyric let me know.


Photo #1: Kanye West - Last Call 

Photo #2: Nicki Minaj - Only

Photo #3: Kanye West & Jay-Z - No Church in the Wild



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