Wallpaper: 1

I was going through this rough patch at work where I really just needed some self encouragement. It was one of those days I had to present a design for something and potentially make a million revisions… long story short I nailed it. When I got into my car to go home I played the song Believe Me by Lil Wayne and Drake. There’s a moment in the song where Wayne says “I’m a king, need a horn and a drum roll”. I was amp’d with myself for nailing the project and kept reciting “Need a horn and a drum roll” I thought that little bit of encouragement could help on a daily basis so I created a wallpaper. Anytime you're feeling down and need some encouragement just remind yourself you’re a queen/king and give yourself a horn and a drum roll. The download is 2560x1440 if you need another size let me know.

Download Here