Style: Dej Loaf

Naming this post Dej Loaf just seems like the right thing to do. If you’ve missed the classic Dej Loaf in a fur memes you can check them out here, after seeing them I had to follow her.  There’s one big thing I like about Dej Loaf (this is the actually the same reason why I like Rihanna) which is their knack for living life unapologetically, holding nothing back.  Basically, since they don’t care about anything and are being truly themselves they wear anything: furs everywhere, pink wigs etc. I love that level of carefreeness.

During my trip home for the holidays I wanted to have a few shoots with my boyfriend where I could let loose and look, dress, and act just like I want to. If you haven’t noticed yet I love hip hop and honestly, I just wanted to do hip hop squatting poses and take candids

This isn’t a style post like “you should dress like this” or “I bought my chains from the earring lady in the mall” but its more about accepting your personal style, be the person you want to be, dress the way you want, pose the way you want, just. do. you. I’m trying it more and more, and its definitely better this way.   

Photos by: @xaviwmo

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