New column: Top Five

I’m a sucker for list post. Every time I visit a blog I’m more likely to click the article if it starts with “5 Ways you can blah, blah, blah”.  While coming up with column ideas I knew I wanted to come up with a ‘list’ post but I wanted it to be a little different. Recently I saw the movie Top Five, where there was a common question of “who’s in your top five” (in regards of rappers).  I’m still thinking of my top five rappers but in the meantime I figured I can make a Top Five of all the things I love. The first Top Five are the top shoes I’m wearing at the moment (in no particular order).  

Chuck Taylors (the everyday)

Chucks are a classic. On any given day I can come up with an outfit to incorporate Chuck Taylors. My favorite go-to pair are the low top black and white all stars.

 Jordans (the og)

I’m a huge fan of tennis shoes, especially Jordan’s but there are a few pairs that I always go to first.  The Jordan Cement 3s never fail me, NEVER! For me this is a shoe I would carry if it was a “you can only take 4 pairs of shoes, yes four” moment.

 Slippers (the freelance)

So as of earlier this month I’m officially freelancing (whoop, whoop) and since I spend a significant amount of time at home I’ve grown really accustom to my favorite cheetah house shoes. If you’re a freelancer, what’s your favorite at home item?

 Military Boots (the combat)

Even though its definitely not cold in LA its technically still winter, and combat boots are still in. I LOVE military boots, (especially the ankle ones). I’m really into the big hats so the boots are usually a good staple piece. I really love these boots because they’re so universal, I can really find a way to wear them anywhere.

 Timberlands (the in season)

You have to own a pair of Timberlands, it’s in some code somebody wrote that we don’t know about.  Even though plenty of people find a way to wear Timbs year round I try to keep mine for the winter months (there are a couple of summer slips, sorry). The Timbs are definitely in season so I’m taking advantage.

Those are my top five for now, what are yours? 

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