Pizza anyone?


I can't lie, I love Instagram. I'm always on there looking at different photographers, designers, and fashion stylists. I ran across this photo on Complex and immediately went to the artist page (Tisha Cherry). Tisha creates bomb images out of food (seriously its so cute) here are a couple of my favs.. here and here #Artintheeats I have this weird fascination with food imagery. When I was into Juicy Couture 90% of the charms on my bracelet were food and I currently own a couple of garments with food graphics on them (don't ask).


I thought it would be fun to replicate some of the food art in my aesthetic. I always see photos and think "that would be super cute as a graphic" so I think whenever I run across a photo I really like I'll draw it. I'm not sure if I'll make this into column or not but I'm looking forward to playing around with this idea. -SLL 

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