Style: The go to

This is my go to outfit, always. Now not this outfit exactly, but the combination of a denim shirt, black jeans, a hat, and gold accessories. I've found so many ways to dress this look (this came in handy over the holidays). During the day I would wear something like the outfit photographed and at night I would switch out the sneakers for boots and the fitted hat for a black floppy hat, voila! Anyway, I have this friend named Noah that just so happens to be a great videographer/photographer/storyteller/ and overall everything. I kept telling Noah I wanted to shoot but didn't know what to wear. One day I wore my signature to work (yes I wear this to work) and he said why don't you just wear that? Duh. So that's what we did. Noah, Dave (Noah's bf), and I went to the Sepulveda dam and shot away. I'm still figuring out exactly what my style is, I'm attracted to so many different things right now as I'm figuring it out I'll post it on the blog. Enjoy. 

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