Ambitious Girl

I mentioned somewhere on this blog that I listen to a lot of podcasts. Nothing has changed and alongside podcasts I've started to listen to mostly interviews and TEDTalks throughout my workday. This morning I ran across a talk on Her Agenda by editor, journalist, and entrepreneur Danyel Smith.  I love hearing other peoples journeys and what they've learned from it so far.... the best parts are the adversary stories and hearing how the hustle pays off.  Danyel's ambition is crazy... she even went as far as to lie and say she was a journalist from Essence in order to get a story with MC Hammer... now don't judge her, she was young and she knows it was wrong but she wanted an opportunity and went for it. (don't go lying to people for jobs after this).  Throughout the the convo she had so many stories that reflected her level and drive, no was never an answer for her.  

Lately I've been thinking of ways to create the job I want within the job I have. I've been complaining about different opportunities that I would love within different departments of my job. It wasn't until last weekend that I realized if I take the energy I'm using to complain and put it towards creating my own path I'll probably be better off. One of the most valuable lessons I learned at a previous job was that if you can fulfill a need and be valuable, you can always get hired.  Why sit around and wait for an opportunity when I can create it? .....Right now my ambition is on 100, I'm ready to do everything! Watch the interview, let me know what you think, and stay ambitious.


Because, why not?