Washington, DC


This year has been the year of the weddings and all of them have required me to travel back to Alabama.. leaving no room for me to travel to places I really want to go to. My job has a rule that you have to wait 6 months for your vacay days to start.. Mine started on October 8th so on October 9th I was gone! One of my BFFs,  Alexis lives in DC so it seemed like the perfect fall get away!


2 of my best friends, Brittney & Alexis 


This was my first trip to the DC area and I fell is love! After I moved to Los Angeles I really couldn't see myself living anywhere else and even though I believe I will always live in LA I want to be bicoastal.. why not have the best of both worlds?  DC to me is like the east coast San Francisco but with black people.   Speaking of.. it was so refreshing to see all of the afro centric street style.  I see it a little bit in LA but a lot of women here try to fit into the "hollywood" style. 

I had to see all of the major monuments, including the "I'm obviously in front of the White House" pic.  Its really amazing how much history is embedded into this city and how much of it is still VERY relevant today. Reading the quotes at the MLK monument were really bittersweet, its so sad to know we're still fighting racism and injustice today when the quotes are suppose to be a reminder of the past.  


We crammed a lot into our weekend... from exploring different areas like Georgetown and Ustreet to experiencing events in the city like The Million Man March, and Taste of DC. 

 Besides enjoying the fall season and DC in general it was really good to reunite with my friends. I met them both freshman year in college and we've been inseparable every since.  Sometimes you meet people in college and after you graduate you leave their asses right there... in college.  But years later we're still here.... Lex and I have two degrees and Brit has her masters... we're all in the fields we aimed for and are doing very well for ourselves... the crazy thing is we're just getting starting.  On our last day we discussed our futures over bottomless mimosas and it really hit me how blessed I am to have friends who have purpose, don't settle, and aren't afraid to tell each other what we need to hear. We keep discussing our private jet and as far fetched as that seems, I really think we'll find a way to have one.  Its good to have people that will push you and support you no matter how dumb the dream may sound.   We've travelled to a bunch of places together...  AL, FL, TX, NV, CA, GA, WA and probably a few other states that I can't remember.... I can't wait to see where we will go in the future and where our dreams will take us.... its definitely time to go international. Where are you guys traveling? and if you have any friends traditions what are they? 

SN: I wore a wig all weekend that Alexis made and now I'm addicted to wigs.. but thats a whole different blog post so stay tuned on that.