Yung Daria


Los Angeles hasn't gotten the memo that its fall but I did.  The hardest part about leaving DC was leaving that perfect fall weather... and I've been looking for it every since.  Even though its still hot as hell here I've decided that I'm just going to transform into fall anyway.  Right now my style is all over the place, and honestly I like it that way... my goal is to stay versatile and not cling on to one look. 


My coworker and I (Shannon) walked over to the mall Friday, I had no intentions on doing a style post but she scouted this cool wall to do some photos for her blog, so I couldn't resist.  I've been a fan of wearing all black for the last two years or so.. its something about it that just looks so effortless and plus it usually makes me look skinner, which is a win for everybody. Another staple is my closet is my handy dandy jean shirt, I have two (light and dark) and I wear them with EVERYTHING! sometimes as an over shirt (like in the photos) or by itself.  A few weeks ago I went shopping for the first time in a long time and during my spree I ran across my new favorite boots (from DSW) that I've title my "Daria" boots, and I've been wearing them with everything (along with hats).  This fit combination is a go-to...mostly because I can make it versatile for different occasions.  After work I went for drinks and could easily dress this up (thank God I didn't actually have to because it was super casual) but the option was there. When it comes to style my main thing is comfort (especially at work) and making sure I stay true to myself... which is why I also had on like 5 gold chains but I forgot to take them out of my shirt lol. What is your go-to comfort style?