Up Next! Lady Leshurr

I've been trying to change up what I listen to. I'm really guilty of listening to the same thing over and over until the next new thing comes out... I'm still listening to What a Time To Be Alive like it came out yesterday. Luckily my boyfriend sends me random people to listen to from time to time.  A few months ago he sent me Melesha O'Garro aka, Lady Leshurr a dope ass rapper, singer, and producer out of England.  I remember checking out a few of her songs but it wasn't until I heard her song Queens Speech 4 again on a random Samsung commercial that I really got into it.  

I read that she released her first mixtape at the age of fourteen, I can't even tell you what I was doing when I was fourteen but it definitely wasn't recording a mixtape. In total she has 4 EP's and 9 mixtapes... clearly she's been working. Her sound can't really be compared to anyone and it metaphors are so catchy that you can't help but to listen over and over. Its something really fun about it and you can tell she studied battle rap.  I read an interview she did for a website called "The Boombox".  When asked about the interactivity in her video she answered: 

"It was my idea. I feel like the music industry at the moment is missing the fun element, the entertainment style like when you see Missy Elliott wearing a big massive blow up thing in that video [“The Rain”]. It’s just entertainment and fun to watch. So, I wanted to keep the viewer locked in with the pictures and the words popping up on the screen because not a lot of people are doing that in the industry right now. So I want to bring a new fresh sound and visual."

Missy is one of my favorite artist and all of her visuals are so iconic. So everything made sense when she referenced her. I think its safe to say that she's up next! Be sure to check out her video to Queens Speech 4 below, there's also a button to her Soundcloud below the vid. Who are you currently listening to?