Missy Elliot Is My Spirit Animal


They say good things come in three.. first I mentioned Missy Elliot in my last post, then I saw her on the recent episode of The Voice, and lastly I ran across these socks from Dimepiece LA.... so I feel like I HAD to design something Missy inspired. The thing that I love about Missy is her creativity and ability to create full concepts for her work... if you've never watched a Missy Elliot video you sleep.  I'm trying to get more into concepting and art direction... I really want my work to have purpose and tell a story.  I did a lot of self reflection this week because I've been feeling like I'm hitting a wall with my work.. and honestly its because I'm not staying true to who I am... instead I'm looking at people I admire and infusing that into what I do..plus I'm over thinking everything.  So starting this weekend I'm channeling my Missy sprit animal.. creating whatever the hell I want with no restrictions or thought of "What will _______ think if I post this" or "is this good enough". I was listening to The Brilliant Idiots podcast and Charlamange made a good point... when we were children we lived by those catch phrases "Just do It" or "Be all you can be" somewhere in adulthood we started overthinking and moved away from those general concepts. Its time to get back to that... I also saw this cute video from Barbie that translated in my head to "you can be whoever and do whatever you want right now" so I'm off to do that.  Happy Friday!