So Laci Like Branding: Forreal, forreal

If you're late to the party I wrote a blog post awhile back about my branding. Now according to that post I had all my inspiration and was ready to roll out my new brand....negative!  For some reason even though I was sure I knew what direction I wanted to go in I couldn't get it together.  I'm realizing its because I wasn't all the way in it. Every since I redesigned my blog and vowed to keep it consistent, I also decided that I would brand out everything including my social media.  After deciding to take my social media game seriously everything changed. I was constantly looking on Instagram trying to emulate people I like, and honestly... I took the fun out of it.  I would look at designers who have a similar style and think "I want my stuff to look like that" just because I share a same interest with that person.  I knew I was getting out of control when it took me days to post stuff just because I didn't have a caption... like forreal... its just a caption. I had to face reality... I'm not the instagrammer/blogger with the witty captions and the perfectly staged photos.  And by trying to force myself to do things that are not my strengths makes it feel more like a job than for fun. The people not lying when they say just be yourself. 

I've always considered myself to have a left brain/right brain aesthetic.. on one end I love colors and crazy patterns and textures.  One a the flip side I love minimalism and sleek designs. Its always been really hard for me to balance the two in my design work... which is another reason why my branding is still at phase 1.  Last week I started pulling photos to create an "once an for all" moodboard for my brand.  Initially I was drawn to my usual love for color and geometric shapes.  But after looking at board I realized that it really didn't showcase the minimalist side and honestly... it just didn't represent me.  

I decided to finally commit and create a board that represents both sides of my aesthetic and also myself. Forreal, forreal this time.. I'm ready to take my branding to the next level. I'm constantly reminding myself not to overthink everything and just let the ideas flow... so hopefully with this new mindset I'll have some branding updates soon. Happy Monday!