I really can't believe that its November, I can still remember what I did for New Years and usually I can't remember what I did last week.  This year has flown by and I've experienced a good amount of self growth really quickly.... its been a lot of examination and connecting the dots on what makes me who I am.  I mentioned here how I can't understand why my horoscopes are so valid. I've made a habit of reading my horoscope every Sunday, this Sunday was no different... and kid you not the exact message I heard in church today was included in the horoscope craaazzyyy. I can't explain why these things seem so valid but I'm addicted to reading them. Don't judge me.

I was reading a blog called the The Brave Natives and the author spoke about how she is going through change and ended up reading up on numerology.... after researching she realized that she carries a lot of the traits listed in the articles. So I thought hmmm let me go see what that is... long and behold a lot of the traits listed for people born on my birth date are pretty legit. One thing that stuck out was

"Your challenge is to ground and focus your energies deeply in a specific field or endeavor. You must develop yourself and your talents in order to make the most of your life."  

in plainer terms they said "its not good to be a Jack of all trades and master at none".  I immediately went to two years ago when this executive at work told me the same thing. He said this after I inquired about learning a new design program. When he told me this my first thought was "why would you tell me not have different skills". By the time I got that thought out he stated that the reason why I shouldn't learn the program is because I need to focus on one thing because I need a very strong key skill to be known for. While I silently smacked my teeth, I could sorta kinda see what he meant. Going forward it started to get harder to describe what I do because I did so many things so everything kinda clicked. 

Since doing multiple things is natural (my mama is the same) I'm back to doing the most... designing as always, practicing photography, learning videography... I have a bunch of eggs and baskets. The statement about focusing stuck with me because I think its some truth to it. I can never stop exploring and its nothing wrong with me doing and trying everything BUT I also need to make sure I'm always taking care of my main skill... designing. Usually not a day goes by where I don't open my design programs but at work my designs can become a little redundant where it feels more like a template vs something I put thought into. I really need to make sure I'm thoughtfully designing something each day... and take all these damn Skillshare classes I'm signed up for. I'm thinking I may do a "design one thing a day" project soon.. I need something to hold me accountable. 

Its still so weird that the numerology article mentioned something that clearly I've avoided thinking about. For some reason I thought that if I focus on one thing I can't do nothing else but I just realized that if I want to try other things I need to make the best effort to take care of the foundation. Another weird thing is that my horoscope mentioned that I should partner up for Halloween and at the last minute Natalia and I decided to be Rihanna and her BFF Melissa. This was my first year going to the West Hollywood festivites... we took our pregame to another level and got there super late but it was pretty crazy out there. And no one gave me the daylight savings memo.  but anyway..If you've ever had any astrology revelations let me know! Happy Monday!

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