In Between Time: Money Dance


I used to frequent (and by frequent I mean look everyday) this blog called Pugly Pixel.  One thing that I love is the fact she's constantly evolving and proving that by annually redesigning her site and adding quirky helpful design elements.  I can't remember when but at one point she had a layout that had little inserts in between post. You could find a small music note  between her post and when you clicked it went to a song or something that she was feeling at the moment. I really like that idea because sometimes everything doesn't need an explanation or words and sometimes I just want to post something that I'm into without it being a full blog post.  So I'm going to start posting little inserts.. I'm sure I'll change the formatting over time there may be post titles and there may not... I'm still figuring all that out. 

For the first one.. Lately I've been listening to a lot of Rick Ross.. but mostly his slower groove stuff. its something about songs like these that make me feel like I should be on a yacht in Miami somewhere instead of in an office staring at my monitor. Enjoy!