Moodboard: So Laci Like

When I decided to rebrand my blog it took FOREVER, mainly because I procrastinated since I wanted it to be "perfect"... after reading a ton of those "launch before your ready post" (here's a good one) I decided to just go ahead and put the blog out there even if it isn't perfect.

So here we are... a logo that you can just type out if you have the font, and no consistent look. I'm finally at the point where I'm ready to finish my branding and take my blog/portfolio to the next step. I put together this moodboard as a tool to describe my brand identity. I'll also post others that I create for different projects (because that's what bloggers do right?) I'm hoping to roll out my new branding soon and finally update all my social media platforms. If you're working on rebranding what are so cool tips and tricks? See below for photo credits .