Because its Friday

It's FRIDAY!!! If you can't tell I'm really excited. Last weekend I went to Alabama for bridal shower/wedding activities (because we all know it's wedding season) and I'm definitely still tired from that trip. For this weekend I'm planning to put some overdue TLC into my apartment and also the blog. Now the blog stuff will be easy (because I love the blog) the apartment on the other hand is not my cup of tea. LA is expensive as hell and while I pay more than enough money, the apartment doesn't live up to the price.  In college I paid $450 and had all the amenities and new appliances in the world. Now, I pay over twice of that and I'm lucky my apartment came with a fridge.  Needless to say its not my style.  Since I recently started a new job thats further from where I live I've been highly considering moving but in reality moving to the westside means a higher price in rent. So for now I'll be saving until I'm ready...back to my mediocre apartment... since I'll probably be in this apartment a little longer I'm trying to make it feel more like home (maybe I'll start with furnishing my living room).  I've been really good lately with making small goals to have certain things completed each day and I'm hoping to do that this weekend. Right now duties include:

-Completing my new logo design (this is the toughest one)

-Painting my room 

-Relining the kitchen cabinets (my mom would be ashamed if she saw them)

-Spring Cleaning 

-Blog work

Now if I don't sit around and binge watch Man Men (yeah I'm late, I know) then I can definitely do this. I'll keep you updated.