Style: Just Chill

Every since I can remember I've always worn tennis shoes, I blame it on having only brothers. When I started college it finally hit me that I should probably wear heels and act like a girl at some point.  Throughout the years I became more feminine and while I love that side I'll always be true to my tomboyish ways. Lately I've hated my style, mostly because I recently lost a ton of weight and can't fit any of my clothes. I'm in the process of rebuilding my wardrobe and also getting back into touch with my street style.   

So I mentioned before I'm trying to get out and take more photos,  for some reason I figured that in order to shoot I need another person until I realized I have all the tools to do it myself... camera, tripod, and a remote (you can get an inexpensive tripod and remote on Amazon btw). Last weekend I was really in the mood to shoot something, I didn't have a vision in mind but I wanted to do it by myself... shooting yourself by yourself is the most awkward thing... I feel like everyone was driving by thinking "what the hell is she doing". I typically hate awkward situations, which really pushed me to just get out and do it. Plus I have a cold and wanted to get out the house. 

Lately I've really been into socks but I can barely find outfits that I like that compliment my socks so for this shoot I was determined to find something in my closet. I decided to go with something simple.. black and white jersey (feeling myself vid inspired and from H&M), plain black shorts, 40's and Shorties socks, and dirty ass Converse. I really loving the idea of creating a new wardrobe (even through my bank account doesn't agree).  I'm also looking forward to trying out different styles, I see so many things that I love and I want to try it all. What styles are you guys into right now??