Play No Games

Listen... Big Sean has been on a roll. When Dark Sky Paradise dropped (which I still listen to everyday) "Play No Games" immediately became a favorite. It such a "Cruising on a Saturday" vibe, super chill with a drop top. That being said I was excited to know he made a video for the song, plus Chris Brown is fine so thats always a plus. Sidenote, but I'm glad that people are actually putting money into videos and creating concepts...Lord knows we're tired of the basic vids. Big Sean has been killing the concept videos, in case you missed it check out All Your Fault, I know, and One Man Can Change The World. For Play No Games, Martin is the perfect theme, it definitely sounds like something you would hear in the 90s. Directed by Mike Carson,  Big Sean starred as Martin and incorporated all the main characters (Tommy, Gina, Cole, Pam, and more). Most of the video took place in the iconic Martin apartment , somebody even gave French Montana a role.  The acting was definitely tongue in cheek but in all is was a pretty cute video. If you love Martin you'll definitely appreciate it. I'm really loving where artist are taking their visuals, people are really stepping their game up. I know I'm excited to see what Rihanna pulls out for #BBHMM. What videos are you watching?