#He Put a Reed On It

If you haven't noticed its definitely wedding/baby season. Log on to your local Facebook and you'll find tons of "OMG I said YES" and "My Baby____ is here".  This year I'm in two weddings, the first happening in August, (the one I created a site for here).  Last weekend was the "last fling before the ring" and lucky for me it was held in Los Angeles, along with the BET Awards. The weekend consisted of so many things VIP Nicki Minaj tickets (shoutout to Noah), late night Roscoes, many many Uber drivers, and Chris Brown.  I didn't want to take my camera everywhere, but I managed to snap a few beach pics and pics in our jerseys before the celebrity bball game.  Shoutout to Kiara and the bridal party, its almost that time. #HePutAReedOnIt.