Design Freeze

Lately my inspiration has definitely been on freeze. I have a ton of projects I want to do but before I do any of them I really want to finish my personal branding. When I created the blog I really just wanted to get it out there and not dwell a lot on the branding, especially since I procrastinated on it forever. Fast forward to present day and I’m now ready for branding.  I’ve been working on a logo for a long time now, but for the last four weeks I’ve literally been OBSESSING over creating this logo. Every night after work it’s the same routine…. Eat, watch one bad reality show, and work on the logo for the rest of the night. I haven’t even had time to think about a blog post.  At this point I’ve tried so many options that I believe my brain is fried.

One of the main issues I’m having is sticking to a style. I’m drawn to so many things its hard to just focus on one. Everyone says that designing for yourself is harder than designing for anyone else and that’s the cold ass reality.  Now that I’m realizing that this project is slowing me down from other work, I’m trying to give the logo design a break and just work on it in spurts. Being creative can be such as hard job, especially when you work a 9-5 and have to be creative on the spot everyday. Another thing I’m working on is not being so hard on myself, with each logo I create I want to create something better. Which is great, because I usually do but if I keep this up I will never be satisfied…and probably won’t have a logo. So here’s to designing freely (insert raised wise glass) and not being too hard on ourselves. Maybe one day, some day soon I'll have a new logo to blog about (and a new site layout as well). Happy Friday!