Street Etiquette for Starbucks

I'm a frequent reader of street etiquette, more than anything I really like the art direction put into their editorials. I was doing some research on photography concepts and staging when I ran across a pic from this series. If you follow me on Snap you know I drink more than my fair share of vanilla iced lattes, so all I needed to see was a Starbucks cup and I was sold.  Below are a few of the shots I like the most. 

The messaging behind this shoot is true, I've been thinking lately that I shouldn't be behind the computer so much but actually out there making things with my hands. I mean, I did take a few studio classes that required me to build things so why not? Gotta make the student loans worth it. 

I have this mindset where I want to start creating the jobs I want in the future by doing them now.  For example, in the future I want to get hired to art direct and prop style for shoots... Well since my 9-5 doesn't allow me to do that I have to find ways to do it on my own, even if its just personal concept work. Its really a "Fake It Til You Make It" concept (that will probably be a new  column name, wait for it).  I'm guilty of looking at different creatives projects and thinking "dang I want to do stuff like that" and truth be told I could do it now... brainstorm concepts, pick an idea, and execute.  So lately I've been thinking of different ideas, brands I would like to work for, and what concepts I could do on my own.  I like this spread for a few reasons; Its simple and effective, the product blends well into the busier shots without being lost, its relatable, and the styling is natural. It really shows that you don't have to do the absolute most to get a message across.  Finding this gave me the boost of energy I needed to go ahead and put my concepts into the execution phase. I also need to get access to somewhere with some colorful backdrops so if y'all know somebody let me know! View the whole story here, enjoy!

Photos via. Street Etiquette