Currently Designing: Madison Music Moodboard

So I totally forgot to welcome my new column "currently designing" when I did my first currently designing post.  Anyway, I decided to start a section where I can share what I'm currently working on and also my design process. In the beginning stages of most of my projects I require the client to create a mood board, I always recommend Pinterest because of the wide selection and easy sharing options. The mood board is a visual way to keep myself and my client on the same page (I'll go into depth on another post). 

I'm currently working on branding and a website for a singer named Madison. I met Madison through her mom during my time at Imagineering and we immediately hit it off.  After creating her board I went in and selected the top photos and also added a few of my own to the mix.   From looking at the board I could tell that Madison loves things with very visual with movement, edge, editorial, and an element of mystery which goes great with her soulful sound

Working within the music industry is a dream of mine so I'm super excited when I run across projects like these, we're at the tail end, so I can't wait to share the final product. I'll post a sneak peek soon on my Dribbble page (I'm trying to get my Dribbble game up so you and your cousins follow me).

Check out Madison's music here



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