Do not disturb

This week has been THE MOST! I've worked late, on both 9 to 5 work and freelance work every night, along with a couple of "can you get into work early" emails. I've been extremely busy, neglecting everything blog related but I can't let the week end without me posting something and tonight is the first night that I've finished work early enough to bedtime has been no earlier than 1:30am -_-.  

We have this chat thing at work and you can set your availability status (similar to GChat). I was so busy today that I set my status to "Do not disturb". The status change muted all chats and phone calls.

It. Was. Heaven.

While I was still super busy and distracted by other things the lack of chat noise and potential phone calls definitely made my day. I realized that I really don't tune out enough.... I spend so much time on the computer and online but I never really tune out all the noise. I'm starting to get a little overwhelmed, mainly because I'm well overdue for some Laci time, aka a fucking vacation. I really just need a full day of "do not disturb" (sigh). 

Besides being over  this week I've been working on some interesting things lately that I'll be posting soon. I'm also planning to attend the WeWork Vanity Fair influencer event this weekend which should definitely be interesting so I'll keep y'all posted.  I really just needed to vent real quick. PS. if you have fancy unplugging tips let me know.


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