It's Lit: Travis Scott "Rodeo"

All I've been listening to is Travis Scotts "Rodeo", even when I try to get off it I end up right back on it. I was slipped the link when it leaked, (sorry Travis, but I have Apple Music anyway). I declared it a winner on first listen which is rare for me. The album is very unpredictable, once you think you have the rhythm of something it changes into a different sound. The feel of the album is very dark and chill, it reminds me a lot of Kid Cudi. But on the other hand a lot of the songs can double as club joints (I jam to them on my long ass commute). 

I love albums that have good transitions and sometimes you don't even realize its a different song (one of the reasons why I love Frank Ocean). My favorite transition is the last minute of "Wasted", into "90210", followed by "Pray 4 Love". I've read a bunch of reviews that rate the album poorly because of La Flames lack of lyricism but I don't think we were ever suppose to expect Kendrick Lamar lyrics anyway. People really have to stop comparing apples and onions. Its hard to pick a favorite song from the album but here are a few of my favs:

90210 (the leaked version has a girl talking in the background which is my fav part, but not on the official version), 

Maria I'm Drunk (Somebody is being fake because its not cleared on iTunes yet)



On My Dis Side (I want Migos to ad lib my day to day life)

Right before the release of the album Travis released a sneak peak of the visuals for Antidote. When I heard this song for the first time I pictured the visuals being some type of weird freak show and I wasn't that far off. He's usually A1 when it comes to visuals (I still want my own action figure from his cover) so I'm expecting good imagery out of this video.  This album definitely makes me wonder what Yeezy is cooking up since La Flame does a lot of production for him. If you've heard the album what do you think?



Art work: Black Childish / Video: YouTube