Currently Designing

So things are on and popping in the world of Laci. The blog is gaining readers (slowly but surely), my 9-5 is busy as usual, and my freelance work has picked up a ton! Along with all that I'm on a journey to finish my personal branding and also upgrade my portfolio. Right now my portfolio isn't necessarily bad but it doesn't highlight my personal style. A designer once told me "always showcase the type of work you want to get hired for". Right now when I look at my portfolio most of the work isn't the type of work I would like to get hired for. For some reason I used to think that having concept work in your portfolio isn't good because people always want to see work that was actually for a business. When I interviewed for the position I'm in now the recruiter told me that I shouldn't show my blog because its not "client work" and could be inappropriate, bullshit. I showed the blog and got hired. Its the only thing that really showed my personal style instead of strict corporate design and it worked. 

I need more of those pieces on my portfolio so until I actually start booking these type of projects I'm just going to create concept pieces. I own a book called "The Graphic Design Exercise Book" this gem has a ton of different projects and briefs on levels from beginner to expert.  As much as I love designing whatever I want, I really wanted to follow some type of brief. I have a bad habit of overthinking, and with no guidelines I could stay on a project forever. I decided to tackle a brief on page layout design, mainly because I never do it in my 9-5 and working for a magazine in some capacity (probably freelance) is still a bucket list dream. According to the brief I'm suppose to design a cover and two spreads for a contemporary architecture magazine, loved around the world by both men and women. When I started I was definitely overthinking... wondering what I should do or what the right answer is. I have to keep telling myself (and you too) that sometimes there are no rules. Once I got over myself,  I started designing and was very surprised at how quick the ideas flowed.  Above is a snippet of the gigantic pin board I created as inspiration for this project, I'm about 90% finished so I'll share with you soon.