Queen Shit: Wallpaper


I've made a ton of goals recently, one that I'm starting to work on this week is reading more. I'm finally finishing up the book Girl Boss (even though I've had it forever) and it definitely has me motivated.  One thing that the book covers a lot is making sure you put yourself and positivity out into the world.  I was called out recently about complaining just to complain. For instance, every morning I'm like "ugh I don't want to go to work" but really... is work that bad? No.  Am I getting paid to do what I love (give or take a bit) Yea.  So what exactly is there to complain about other than the fact I don't want to get out of the bed. Nada. 

This positive thinking thing has amplified my motivation to get shit done and produce whatever content I want. I wanted to create a freebie so I asked myself "What mood am I in?" the answer was "on some queen shit" so here you go. 

Oh and if you download, let me know... its so exciting to see people utilizing the freebies = )