Made in America

This past weekend was the perfect balance of chill, turn up, and getting shit done. I try not to make a lot of concrete plans on the weekend because I love being on my own schedule. I'm almost 6 months into this new job and I'm still not used to having to be somewhere from 9:30-6:30 every damn day so on the weekends I just want to move to my own beat. Saturday I decided to get out of the house and do some exploring in Silverlake in particularly visit the LA County Store. On the way I spotted Dinosaur coffee, the iced latte was AMAZING! Side note: but I'm really addicted to vanilla iced coffee but I don't think my ceramic braces are = \. I'm really into spaces and interior design right now so the open ness of this shop really made me a fan.

Next stop was the LA County Store... I've seen this shop on the gram a few times and heard that its something like a hidden gem.  The store is super cute and filled with artwork and products that are made by people in LA (all LA everything).  There's a ton of LA inspired prints calling out iconic things that you see in the city. Since I've been in my apartment for almost 3 years and still haven't decorated I plan to go back and pick up a few.  I ended up getting this card that says "you're doing a great fucking job" because you can never hear that enough (and yes I bought it for myself)

Another gem is an artist by the name of Tuesday Bassen.  I'm really into flat illustrations if you haven't noticed by my work, so all of her stuff is right up my alley. (I'm also Pin obsessed). Side note but its cool to meet other creatives (especially those who have a big following) and they're actually nice.  Since moving to LA I've ran across a few of my creative crushes and realized that their personality is a hot ass mess. But anyway, Tuesday was amazing, I bought a pin that I named "come close and I'll cut you" and the classic "erase you" patch. You can check out her work here.

To end my Saturday in Silverlake I ran across the old Sunset Pacific Motel that's now an installation by a Vincent Lamouroux its a bloggers dream because everything is so white and airy. Now I was under the impression that its closed to the public but I saw a few people in there having a photoshoot so don't be surprised if you see a post from the inside soon.

Fast forward to Sunday, I went to the Made In America 4D screening at Saddlerock Ranch Malibu which was totally free... beers, burgers, and Beyonce included (and a shuttle to and from). The event was so chill and a perfect way to get tipsy while enjoying not having to wake up early the next day. And if you ever see the Baby's Badass food truck STOP! Best burgers ever! On the way back to our cars (in Calabasas) I'm sure I saw Kylie Jenner's house but thats neither here or there. The only good thing about being back at work this week is the fact that its now a short one! Happy Tuesday!