I rolled up a little somethin

I've been at a constant struggle with my wardrobe lately, I usually look at my closet with the same face I'm making in the photo above.  It's so outdated to me and I'm overdue on a shopping binge. Within the last 8 or 9 months I lost 30 pounds (which I'm still working on) so a lot of clothes that I have are my still my "plump Laci" clothes and aren't as flattering anymore. I'm trying to grow up and save money, which is the only thing keeping me from going to the mall...but ask me if I've saved any money? Nah.... 

Its been a long time since I've really felt like putting on any clothes but I've really been wanting to do a style post. Especially since I've been upgrading my style board on Pinterest and I knew it would challenge me to find something in my stuggledrobe. I don't think I have a certain style but my go to is always streetwear (I have a few styles I'm ready to explore when I'm off shopping restriction). I always go for things that make me feel comfortable and since its hot as hell in LA, skin is definitely showing. This fit is a classic, ripped jeans (so you can still feel the breeze), oversized crop top  (again so you can still feel the breeze), white Vans, flannel (in case it gets chilly, or you randomly go to the beach), and a hat and shades to block the haters (or the sun, either way). This is a fit that perfect to do anything on a chill Sunday, even to watch Kanye give a TED Talk on the VMAs and Miley look a fool (which is exactly what I did on Sunday). I know ya'll saw that horrible show, but that's another blog post.  

What are your go-to looks for the moments? PS. Its the 1st, ya rent is due


Shoes: Vans /Hat: Stussy/ Shirt: H&M/ Jeans & Flannel: Cotton On /Glasses: Aldo