Insta truth

One of the truest memes you can find on Instagram! I'm not going to lie like I've been living by the quote because truth is, Beyonce gets extra hours somehow.  But I have been really cautious of where I'm putting my time.  Should scrolling on Pinterest go from 10 minutes to 2 hours? Probably not.  So I'm in the practice of spreading my time around different projects. Days where I'm super scatterbrained I add in time limits.  This is really good for me because some days I spend too much time on trying to perfect one thing that I end up working on it for way too long.  Another thing that I'm trying to work on is organizing, I have a bad habit of constantly sending emails to myself from work to remind me to look at certain links once I get home. So if you were to look in my inbox right now you would see a ton of emails from "Me" surrounded around a ton of random emails that I should probably read, its a mess.  With all the things that I'm currently working on its imperative that I use time wisely, now once I'm able to actually get up and workout in the mornings I'll be the goat.  While I figure out how to get more hours like Yonce, how do you guys organize?


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