I'm into it: the inspired by series

Welcome to my "I'm into it" series! Every blogger has the "Inspired by" columns where you post random things that you're feeling at the moment. Most of the time when I see something I like I say "I'm into that" so it seems like the perfect name. I mentioned here that I've really been  into goal setting, aka I'm finally getting my shit together. I have projects going full speed ahead and I'm in a really creative space.  At the same time I'm all over the place.. I'm working on upgrades to the blog, my portfolio, freelancing, and going to my 9-5 (but really 9:30-6:30) everyday... just pray for me.  With all the projects, I have a lot of things I'm currently inspired by especially since I'm finally completing my branding (I'll share about that soon).  Above are a few images that I'm really into, for some reason I can't get away from teal, pink, and patterns. While I'm into moodboards I'm also getting ready to start organizing my Pinterest boards, because honestly....they're a hot mess.  What are you inspired by right now?